Content Repurposing Tricks You’re Going To Love 

Most of us are keen to recycle in our everyday lives so why not extend that to our content marketing? Content repurposing is all about finding ways to recycle your existing content and it has huge benefits for marketers, brands and readers. 

repurposing content

Content repurposing is a term that’s been popular amongst marketers for a while. But do you know what it means or how to implement it? Almost 60%of marketers reuse content 2-5 times but only 29% actually have a strategy for doing so.

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Whilst brands like Kapost below are very structured about content repurposing, many marketers are left floundering. So, let’s look at some simple content repurposing tricks you’re going to love.

Benefits of Content Repurposing

Content repurposing can lower costs, increase production, expand audience reach and streamline your strategy. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

#1 Cutting Creation Time

One of the main reasons marketers love content repurposing is its ability to cut creation time.From idea to implementation, an article can take many hours to create. Add on several more if you work in an industry that requires legal or compliance to approve every single thing.

#2 Serving different audiences 

We all learn, absorb and interact in different ways.Some of us are visual learners which means we learn from infographics, videos and images. Others, prefer in-depth research articles, whilst some are skimmers and don’t enjoy taking more than a minute on an article. The beautiful thing about content repurposing, is that it allows you to reach multiple audiences with different content preferences. If you’ve just been publishing blog posts, then you will certainly see an increase in engagement and even conversion if you repurpose. 

#3 Breaking down concepts

We love this one at Moondust Agency. Sometimes a product or idea is too complex for readers to grasp from one blog post. Perhaps you’re trying to introduce the produce, explain how it works, talk about the benefits and sell it? That’s a big ask for your readers. Content repurposing allows you to break complex topics into smaller chunks. Perhaps 4 smaller blogs that can be placed on up and coming channels like Medium. Repurposing allows you to leverage the research you conducted for your original work across additional content channels.

#4 Split test advertising budget

Which of your content and social media channels is really the most effective at converting? Through repurposing you can promote your work across different channels, each with the same advertising spend and see which performs best. Perhaps your Facebook audience is more receptive than Twitter. Perhaps YouTube beats them both. 

#5 Cross Promote

By utilising cross-promotion, your content pieces will get greater exposure and drive more traffic back to your site. An example of cross promotion could be linking to a blog post from the description area of your YouTube video. This highly targeted traffic reinforces branding and increases the likelihood of getting a conversion.

#6 Brand Recognition

89%of B2B marketers say brand awareness is their main focus. But on average it takes 5 to 7 brand impressions for consumers to remember you. What does that mean? It means that seeing one blog post is not enough. To achieve genuine brand recognition, you need to appear consistently in multiple channels both online and in some cases offline.

#7 Extending content’s longevity

There are over 2 million blog posts published each day. Wow. With so much content being published, people are bound to miss a blog post occasionally. And it’s a shame when you’ve spent so many hours writing, editing, creating graphics, styling, uploading and sharing. If your content is evergreen (not time sensitive), you can repurpose it to expand the life cycle even further. Your content can then remain relevant for years to come.

How To Repurpose Content

Enough talking about the benefits of content repurposing. Let’s look at how you do it! Here are our top tips:

#1 Blog to Twitter 

The WordPress plugin ClicktoTweet is popular amongst marketers. The plugin allows you to easilycreate tweetable content for your readers. The best content is short quotes, stats or statements. This is an effortless way to repurpose your content through user interaction and drive more traffic back to your blog.

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#2 Blog to Image

Turning your blog post or an element of your blog post into a visual is a great way to repurpose content. These visuals can then be shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest to attract a whole new audience! 

Here are a few ideas for pieces of content that repurpose well as visuals on social media:

  • Expert quotes from within the blog

  • Survey results or highlights

  • Notable statistics pulled from the article

  • Bullet-point summaries

  • Hacks to common problems addressed in the article

#3 Video to Blog

Who says content repurposing must start with a blog post? On Fridays, the team at Moz publishes their “Whiteboard Friday” series which has become a staple of the brand.Every time they publish a new Whiteboard Friday video, they also put together a blog post, complete with video transcriptions, to give their audience another way to consume the content. 


#4 Blog to Podcast

By taking one of your popular blog posts and turning it into a podcast you can rake in countless potential customers. If you don’t feel confident recording for a podcast, it’s easy to hire a voiceover artist on sites like Upwork.

#5 Blog posts - Free guides

It’s easy to create an eBook or free guide by compiling the blog posts you’ve written about a certain topic. You would need some styling such as a table of contents, images, an intro and conclusion but the end result can be a wow factor guide. When offering a high-value piece like this on a landing page, you can then collect user data, in exchange for a download. This is great for increasing your mailing list without flouting GDPR.

#6 Video - Infographic

Infographics are excellent ways to present complex data, processes or numerical/statistical  content. If you’ve showcase tons of data in a recent video then why not repurpose this as an infographic.  It will then sit nicely on your Insta or Pinterest channels. Remember to brand it with your colours and logo to retain value when its shared or downloaded. 

#7 Webinars - Video Tutorials

Webinars take a lot of organisation and preparation. So, if you’ve hosted a great one, don’t let it go to waste. Repurpose your webinars as YouTube videos and reshare them across your social media channels. You can easily create new playlists and grab extra YouTube subscribers for your troubles.  

#8 PowerPoint Presentation - Slideshare


You’ve prepared a lovely PowerPoint presentation. It took you ages to style, add beautiful coloured graphs and perhaps a video. But now your meeting or seminar is over and your PowerPoint is retired to the server never to be seen or enjoyed again. Not anymore. With content repurposing, your PPT can find a glamorous new home over on SlideShare. Slideshare by Linkedin magically transforms your presentation into a sharable digital slide show with no additional styling required. Be sure to share it on all your channels.

#9 Quora Q&A - Blog Post

Quora is often cited as a great source of content inspiration, providing real user questions on a huge range of categories. When repurposing content, there are no rules to say it had to be your content in the first place. Grab relevant Q&As from Quora and create a blog post for your brand. This is a great way to hit Google’s search sweet spot by answering user questions with your own content.

#10 Repurpose top-performing blog posts 

Last but not least, focus on reusing content that has already proven successful. Dive into your analytics panel to view your most popular blog posts based on traffic and conversions. Usually that will be evergreen content as it has amassed its views over time. Now, check the post for stats that may be outdated and update them. The key here is to leave the url as it is and republish the article with an updated intro. The Content Marketing Institute did just that with their popular 2016 article below:


Creating a repurposing plan will help you to stay streamlined and in alignment with your other content marketing efforts. Give your content new life by repurposing it and presenting it in a different way. Speak to the team at Moondust to get started.

Marie-Helene Dibenedetto