Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you all the best for 2018 : health, happiness, family and friends, business and whatever you desire.

At Moondust HQ, we are still getting ready before kickstarting the year (we're writing this on January 2nd). And surely this is the right time to look at what we did in 2017. And it was, indeed, a very busy year! 

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

In 2017, we worked with 44 different clients. FMCG brands (food, fashion, cosmetics, tourism... they are our favorite types of brands) but also tech, B2B and agencies.

Brands that trust us to manage their social media now include Pharmasimple, Green Queen and Cetelem
For Puressentiel, we also created a Christmas Messenger Chatbot to choose Christmas gifts, and launched it on 3 markets (Belgium, France and Canada). 
We also helped the Belgian ministery of environment launch their Biodiversity campaign on social media.

As partners of international cloud based agency Up There Everywhere, we also managed social media for scottish gin brand House of Elrick, as well as social ads for the Sci Life Lab Prize

Content marketing is another big part of what we do! We happily collaborated with our colleagues at Anyways to promote Maxitours ' travel offer all through this Summer. 

Speaking of content, a big part of our work is adapting content, campaigns and AdWords campaigns from Dutch to French. This has become a speciality of ours in the past 4 years and we support several Flemish agencies with this work. We enjoy it a lot!

Last but not least, we are always happy to create social media and social ads trainings for our clients. STIB and Kluwer were just some of them.

With all that work, our agile team has grown and now counts eight people. All of us are thrilled at the prospect of this new year and all the projects that will be coming with it.
Maybe we'll get to work with you, too?

Marie-Helene Dibenedetto