We help your business increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales.


Social media 

28% of the time spent online, is spent on Social Media - that's an average of 1h43min every single day. It is now the best platform to get your customer's attention.
But Social Media Management is time consuming, and not all Marketing Department have the available resources to take care of it. We provide high quality Social Media Strategy and overall Management that meets the standards you set up for your brand. 


content marketing

56% of the buying process is done online, before talking to a sales representative. That is why every company now needs to be a media company, and produce content that will help their customers find them when they are looking for solutions for their problems.
We help you with the creation and translation (French/Dutch/English) of content that will attract the right customers for your business.



Online paid advertising is a powerful way to increase traffic to your website or your special offer.
We are Google AdWords Certified and can help you with your PPC campaigns on search engines but also on social media (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc). 



I am Marie-Helene Dibenedetto, I am the founder of Moondust.
I worked in marketing management for 15 years, and thought there was a lack of reliable partners who truly understood digital channels, and cared for my brand as much as I did.
That is what prompted me to start my own agency in 2013.

I have been on social media since 2006, and I have been involved in a lot of communities of bloggers and YouTubers. With Moondust, I can now combine my passion for those brands with my deep knowledge of Social Media and (digital) marketing. 

My team and myself aim at excellence in everything we do. We want to develop real partnerships and connections with our clients, and with the online communities we engage with. 



We are located in Belgium, but the internet is a wonderful thing that allows us to work with clients everywhere in the world. We currently provide our services in English, French and Dutch.


They Trust Us

What our clients say about us

Call International

Marie-Hélène trained my team on how to communicate with social media. A very relevant training, sensible advice and concrete examples came from her great creativity and her ability to adapt to her public. Marie-Hélène is a real professional trainer who knows how to combine theory and practice. I can definitely recommend her, in a world where many people call themselves communicators but very few really master the rules.

Patrick Wauquier
Senior Partner & Founder, Call International

Renault BeLux

Marie-Hélène shows a lot of expertise in digital marketing. We worked together on a training program about social media, and she helps me on a regular basis for the translation/rewriting of content from Dutch to French. I am happy I can always count on her. She is always ready to work on new projects, and so am I ! 

Margot Hanjoul
Community Manager, Renault-Dacia BeLux

BBC Communications

Fast, friendly, fun and incredibly good : from web copy with keyword sensitivity to social media updates, Marie-Hélène does it all in impeccable French. Chuck Norris approves. And so do I. 

Gerrit Janssens
B2B content & conversation cook, BBC Communications

After having read 2 or 3 books, then having talked with a few « Facebook specialists », I felt really lost on how to promote my website and my book. An hour of enthusiastic chat with Marie-Hélène was enough to bring things into perspective and to focus my Facebook and SEO strategies on the most important things again. Impressive

John Rizzo
Auteur, Sauver l'Ecole

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